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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soul Restoration 1

Ok so I just got done watching the awesome videos for SR1 and read the instructions etc and am only now realizing (duh!!! kinda slow i am ..) that although I can do this as a group with friends, I may not share my log in info. Each of you who wants to do this, needs to register (and pay) for the class. And after seeing what all is involved and the personalization that Brave Girls does for each participant, it makes total sense to do it that way. So please check out the website and if you haven't signed up yet and are still debating, please do sign up for this LIFE CHANGING, INCREDIBLE class! Although I'm inviting you to sign up, I'm actually not sure if registration is even open at this point, since classes have begun, but do look into it please. If anything, maybe you'll be able to do it the next time....AND I'll probably blog about my experience at the end of it anyways.  (whenever I do finish).

As always, please feel free to ask questions or post comments.

Love and Light always!

From one sufi to another...



  1. Thanks my dear Marcia! I didn't think anyone cared so I used that as an excuse to not blog! But thank you for the nudge! :) I've already posted one and have a few more I'm working on in the coming days/weeks. Love you!!!