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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Answers Are All Within Us.

Life happens! Things happen! This world is a stage and we are all actors playing out the scripts of our lives as we have hand-picked prior to being born. We decided which lessons we wanted to learn in this lifetime to help our souls come one step closer to remembering who we truly are. We've made soul agreements with other souls (family, friends, that mean boss, the ex-husband etc) to play out a certain role in each other's life script to facilitate their learnings and ours. But the nature of the soul is that at birth, all information and knowledge from prior to being born gets hidden behind a thin veil just within an arm's reach yet out of sight and mind. Yet when life happens, we forget all of this and make the mistake of believing that this world is our reality when in fact, this world is an illusion. We are a spiritual being having a human experience.
But the hustle and bustle of life drowns out the soft whisper of our soul. When we're faced with a difficult situation, we tend to look outwards to our friends, family members and sometimes professionals for solutions and/or answers. But the answers are not out there.
The answers are all within us!!!!
It is through quiet contemplation, meditation and prayer that we can uncover the answers we so desperately search for. Perhaps, taking 5 minutes to sit quietly with myself where I close my eyes and focus on my breathing and attempt to clear my mind of any thought is a great way to start.
What happens for me is that within those 5 minutes, my thoughts go into a frenzy as they try to obey the orders to calm down. And within that frenzy, certain thoughts merge and other thoughts fall on the sidelines until the ripples of my mind settle down and what emerges is exactly what I needed to know and see. Those few minutes of sitting in peace prove to be more effective than hours spent discussing the issue with girlfriends or family. But the key is to remind myself to take the time to sit with myself on  regular basis which is sometimes easier said than done.

Just a few thoughts...

Love and Light


1 comment:

  1. Beautifully written and truly touched my soul :)
    Thank you for reminding me to tap into the stillness within...
    Love Zaahira