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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A woman's right to her body

This post is a result of a few discussions between us friends on the topic of a woman's right to her body.  I apologize for the choppiness of this post...but these are just a few random thoughts on the subject. Something to chew on!

I know beautiful, strong women who so dearly want to become mothers yet somehow that just does not seem to be God's plan for them. And we've all heard stories about how when they finally surrendered their desire to want a child and accepted with grace and gratitude, God's plan for them,  did they either become pregnant with a child or become pregnant with the possibility of living their life with PURPOSE.  

And then there are women and young girls who get pregnant in spite of not wanting to become pregnant. Societal expectations, religious beliefs, immaturity and financial restrictions are among the many reasons they might choose to abort their pregnancy. It's never an easy decision for a woman who is a natural mother, to choose NOT to bring a child into this world. Sadly, even if a young mother choses to keep her baby, out of wedlock, her family and her community don't always make it easy for her to live with dignity.

I sit here pondering on what a friend shared with me just the other night. He asked me to think about how different our world might have been today, had President Barack Obama's mother chosen to end her pregnancy, to abort him. Instead, as a single mother of a mixed race baby, she courageously chose to sacrifice and endure all that she had to in order to give birth to and raise one of the most influential men of our times. Now that is something to think about...

Love and Light,


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