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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Embrace Life!

Don't Ever Let Anyone or Anything Throw You 
Off Your Game!
No One Has the Power
To Affect
Our Mood & Self-Esteem
Without Our Permission!

Sunrise over Mumbai!

We Unknowingly
But Willingly
Communicate To Others
That It is Okay for Them To Dump On Us! 

This beautiful little bird was the only one in the palace grounds of Fatehpur Sikhri!

And Then are Surprised 
When People Cross That Boundary With Us!
But How Can We expect Them To Even Know 
Where the Boundaries Are 
If We've Never Established Them To Begin With.

Pigeons sitting on the veranda at dawn in Mumbai.

Let's Start by Figuring Out

Who We Are


What We Stand For.

I think this is a deer. This was on the grounds of Humayun's Tomb in Delhi.

What We Believe In


What We Value.

Flying Back From Punta Cana...picture taken from the airplane! The whitish outline in the middle of the picture is the long winding beach with white sand.

What We Are Willing To Accept
What We Are Willing To Let Go Of,
What Is Absolutely Non-Negotiable.


Figuring This Out

Takes Time & Experience. 

This gorgeous bird stood still on it's long  legs as it waited for unsuspecting fishes to become her next meal. This was on the waters surrounding the Water Palace in Jaipur

 Living Life 

With It's Challenges & Moments Of JOY

Provide Us Opportunities

To Learn More About 

            What We Are Really Made Of!

The Water Palace in Jaipur.

So I Say, "Embrace LIFE!"

Say ShukranLillah 

(All thanks is due to Allah)

For The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Another picture of this gorgeous Bird at Fatehpur Sikhri!

And Have Complete Faith

 In HIS Greater Plan For Us!

And she catches a little fish for a late afternoon snack.

We Usually Never Find Out

 What Calamities Have Been Avoided 

By Seemingly Not Getting What We Really Want!

The Deep Blue Skies! Did you notice the tip of the right airplane wing?



Stop Fighting It! 

                 Just Surrender With Faith!

And Trust In HIM!!


Love & Light,

From One Sufi To Another

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