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Friday, April 11, 2014

Why buy handmade vs store bought?

Since I started making and selling jewelry for the past six months or so I keep getting this question from a few of my family and friends who are new to the world of Etsy and handmade items. "Why should we buy handmade versus store-bought?"  

The simple answer is that when an artist makes something or rather creates something with their hands, their energy is infused into their work. And when I wear that jewelry or scarf or whatever the piece is, its like I carry a piece of them with me. Therefore, if I like their vibe or what they stand for, I'll buy one of their pieces. Also, I value the role of art and creativity in our world and believe that our children have been shortchanged with the budget cuts in our school systems. Thus, I believe in supporting and encouraging fellow artists who are brave enough to follow their souls. Some of my favorites are

Lisa Leonard Designs 

and I love Jasmine Ismail's art. This girl is sooooo talented. 

Love, Light and blessings

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