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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Few Things You Might Not Necessarily Know About Me.

I love mangoes, longons, lychees and custard apples. 

I love writing which is equivalent to playing with play dough for me. I could take a piece of writing and go back and edit and re-edit it until I have written the whole thing over again. 

I adore vintage luggage and white-washed older furniture pieces with character. I also love lamps, bookshelves and wicker baskets! 

I have always loved singing but unlike other girls from India who have melodious voices, I have always had a deep, manly voice. As a little girl, I use to sing into my hairbrush and practice my acceptance speech as I went up to receive my Grammy. Alas, I will not be winning any awards for singing. In fact, they might consider giving me an award for not singing. :)

I love spending time near the ocean. The vastness of the ocean, the rhythm of the waves, the warmth of the sun on my bare skin, the smooth sand beneath my toes, laying down and staring up at the clear blue skies thru the luscious palm trees. It recharges me. I feel rejuvenated. 

I feel privileged to have worked with youth for over 10 years in various capacities. And have made an impact on their lives in some small way.

I love getting lost in a new book 
which enriches my mind, fills my 
soul with hope and joy 
and encourages me to dream. 
These days I find myself delving 
into the various magazines published 
by Sommerset which include: 
Where Women Create, 
Where Women Create Business, 
Artful Blogging etc. 
As an artist with a budding business 
in its infancy stage, I find enormous 
encouragement and ideas for where 
I see my baby growing into. 

I invite and relish the challenge of creating a custom piece for a client. To be able to actualize their vision into reality is awesome! And it pushes me as an artist to try something new and different. These end up being some of my best sellers when I offer them in my shop.

I love traveling to other countries and learning the local culture, discovering the little hole in the wall joints and discovering places off the beaten path. 
I have had the good fortune to travel to France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Nepal, St Thomas, Cayman Island, Greece. 

My favorite places in the world these days are the west coast of USA with the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Santorini, Greece. I hope to spend a summer there renting a cottage over looking the cliff/water and writing one of my many best sellers. Ameen!

That's all for now! Until next time. Please feel free to share something about yourself.

Love, Light, and Blessings,

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