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Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Indian Wedding!

The average Indian wedding, regardless of the religion background of the families involved, is at least a few days long.
We are Shia Imami Nizari Ismaili Muslims originally from India/ Pakistan.
My uncle's family live in Mumbai, India and his daughter Nisha's wedding celebration included the following events in order:
- Sangeet 
- Mehndi 
- Pithi 
- the Nikah ceremony
- the reception
- the Satada
Yes, that was 6 separate events but families may chose to combine them or have them on the same day and often schedule a day off in between the events. 
When all is said and done, the wedding is a week long affair in India and usually held over a long weekend in the USA.

Sangeet means "song, music, melody" and that is what the "Sangeet" program is all about.
It's about dancing, performing, partying it up!
Sangeet is usually one of the first programs of the wedding week.
I believe it started with the Punjabis who have always had the Sangeet program as part of their wedding celebrations but the rest of us learned about it from watching Bollywood movies with wedding themes.
The Sangeet program usually begins with dance performances by the friends and family members of the bride and groom with all of the guests as their audience, followed by dinner and more dancing by all.
My cousin Nisha Kheraj married Karim Bhandwadia and their Sangeet was AMAZING!!!!!
Karim's friend's performed a few songs and these guys were just adorable and entertaining.

Unfortunately, I am unable to upload the videos of the performances and my pics from the Sangeet accidently were deleted. 
But here are a few pictures taken by my dear brother in law Iqbal Dossani. 
He is married to one of my favorite cousins, Noureen. 
They have two beautiful children, Mishka and I.

Here are a few pictures of my nieces performing.

They were beyond cute!!!!

My three gorgeous nieces: Krisha Vishram, Mishka Dossani and Inaara Kheraj performing!!!
They were just amazing!!!!
The guys in the back are friends of the groom who performed a few very entertaining numbers. 
Mishka Dossani ( Noureen and Iqbal bhai's eldest).
Could she be any cuter???

A few of us posed for a picture at the Sangeet.
From l to r: my cousin Noureen Dossani, Karim Ladhani (my brother), me, Zeenat Ladhani (my sis in law / Karim's wife), my eldest son, Aly Lakhani, Naju mama or Najmuddin Kheraj (my mom's brother and Noureen, Zohra, Shanu and Nisha's dad), Karim Vishram (my cousin Zohra's hubby), Iqbal Dossani (Noureen's hubby), Zohra Visram (my cousin) and Krisha Visram (Zohra and Karim Bhai's eldest).

More to come on the other ceremonies...

Love and Light,
From one sufi to another,

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