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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life is like a play - Act I, Act II, Act III

Have not posted in a has been busy...
India was beautiful and incredible and the pictures are simply breathtaking, but for a few reasons, I just can't seem to be able to work on anything from India...
so i've just been avoiding blogging altogether...
but I was reminded by my dear friend Marcia that I did not necessarily need to blog in a chronological order...
so i won't...I am officially tip-toeing out of my box...

I found this post in the draft form from back in November of 2011...
Although it's incomplete, I think, I still wanted to share it with you...
I hope you enjoy it...

I write what I know.

I write what I've lived.

I write what I've learned.

I write what I feel.

I write what I believe.

Here is what I know...Life is like a play with different acts.
Act I is about...
- being physically born
- growing up to be a teenager
- figuring out who what we want to to when we grow up
- completing school, going to university,
- finding a mate and getting married which brings us to...

Act II is about...
- assimilating life as a husband/wife
- hanging out with a new group of "married" couples
- getting established / moving up in one's career
- starting a family
- having babies: diapers, nursing, baby food, bottles, pacifiers, baby board books, trips to the pediatricians, sleepless nights, teething, ear infections, terrible twos, Barney, Sesame Street etc etc
- raising the kids and putting their life ahead of ours
- kids graduating high school and going away to college

Act III usually begins when the kids leave the nest and go away to live at the university of their choice.
The parents are then left to redefine their life as a couple without the children.
Its a time to rediscover our own dreams and goals again.
Its a time to reconnect as a couple.

Act IV is about enjoying your children as adults and celebrating their many successes (if you're lucky) or bailing then out as adults.

Act V...well I think it's about growing old, giving back to the community, enjoying the grandkids...again, I think, because I'm not quite there yet.

In a perfect life, we follow these acts in chronological order but life is seldom perfect. Life, in fact, is messy, complicated yet beautiful.
Things like divorce, death, accidents, getting fired, losing one's assets, be it physical or spiritual are all curve balls designed in my humble opinion by divine design and by our own master planning to help our soul grow and learn.

Here are a few more pictures from India taken of everyday people going about their everyday lives...

Off to work or to run a quick errand...She is clearly either a house maid or a shop girl.

Transporting all that on his bicycle...

no description needed...

This woman was selling the sling purses...we had a good conversation and also met her 11 year old son. More on that perhaps in another post...

The little corner stop where one could pick up anything from fresh eggs to cigarettes.

Bananas anyone...and the school girls in the back were heading for extra tutoring on a  very early Sunday morning.

This picture cracks me is a man wearing a banyan aka wife-beater wth a blue plaid lungi, holding his tiffin aka lunchbox while he crosses the busy streets of Mumbai, while on his cell phone...

Another example of how useful the human head is! :)

Just 2 friends on their way home perhaps...The one on the left is clearly a Muslim girl wearing a burkha while the other one may or may not be a Muslim. 

I hope we all are blessed to experience  the V Acts of Life.
Love and Light
From one sufi to another,

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  1. Beautiful! I really enjoyed reading this Anita.
    You have a coolness and a peacefulness about you! :)
    By the way I haven't even completed ACT I and have been spending the last few years accepting that it's okay...I feel it's perfectly imperfect... for my souls experience in human existence... :)