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Sunday, March 4, 2012

An incredible evening!

Here is another post I wrote back in Dec, 2011 right before I left for India.
Had an amazing evening just the other day!
It was my birthday dinner! No it wasn't my birthday but it was my birthday dinner! 
My birthday is in March.
My soul sister Marcia insisted that I let her take me out to dinner for my birthday in March of 2011 before my next birthday sneaks up on us in a few months.
So I agreed....we had dinner at this quaint French restaurant in the Gables...

Had this delicious filet minion with BĂ©arnaise sauce which was absolutely melt in your mouth delicious!!!!

Marcia had the lamb chops which she loved!!! They served it with a side of "French fries", a delicious patte of zucchini, a slice of grilled tomato and carrot shavings.

We were too full for deserts but we did indulge in cappuccinos.

We then walked a couple of blocks to this beautiful bookstore called, 
"Books & Books" which is one of the 
few independently owned bookstores.

This is the entrance with tall bookshelves on each side full of magazines and comfortable seating. 
There is an outdoor coffee shop (i think) or a bar with additional seating.

The checkout area is this gorgeous room that reminded me of a traditional old English library as seen in the likes of "My Fair Lady" and "The Sound of Music" with floor to ceiling built in bookshelves.

Marcia, checking out books.


Surprisingly, I don't really care for libraries...they tend to be dreary and depressing!
This bookstore is absolutely one of my favorites of all times...

I had more pictures of the children's area which is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! but I lost them all a few months ago.
Either way, I'm glad I can share this with you today.
So, if you ever come down to Miami, you must go check out this fabulous bookstore in Coral Gables.

Love and Light,
From one sufi to another,

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