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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 6 contd...Aly and Zayn On The Trapeze.

I am unable to upload the videos of the boys on the trapeze so I decided to take photos of them instead.

Aly climbing up the ladder and steps on the platform. Atila is the staff member in the green tshirt. The lady on the platform is probably in her late 50's and was in excellent shape.  

Aly takes off on the bar. Look on the left side of the picture. "Mad Max" the other staff member is the one hanging upside down on the bar on the right side of the picture.

Aly swings all the way to the right and then swings back again to the left.

He pulls his knees towards his chest and tucks them on top of the bar as he hangs upside down on the bar in mid-air.

Aly hangs from behind his knees and stretches out his arms as he swimgs towards Mad Max.

Mad Max and Aly grab each other's hands and Mad max swings him to the right before bringing him back.

Check Aly out on the right side of the picture.

Mad Max swings Aly all the way out...

...and then back toward the left to hopefully catch the bar that he started off on.

But Aly misses and falls slowly on the net. 

Check out the belt around his waist. This is what they all wear so that the safety cables can be attached to it.

Zayn climbs up the ladder to go to the platform

Zayn steps on to the platform with Atila.

Atila attaches the safety cables on to Zayn's waist belt.

Zayn reaches for the bar.

And off he goes as he steps off the platform and swimgs.

Zayn swings up toward Mad Max and then swings back toward the platform and tucks his knees in and positions himself to hang from the bar.

Zayn tucks himself in.

And he starts to swing back toward Mad Max as he is hanging upside down off the bar.

And he reaches toward Mad Max and they grab each other's hands.

Mad Max swimgs him outward toward the right...
before swinging him back toward the platform.
Zayn is hanging toward the right side of the picture.

Zayn misses the bar on the way back and slowly falls on the safety net.

Aly said that he spent about 15 hours on the trapeze during the week at Punta Cana's Club Med Resort.
Zayn started up on the last couple of days. Considering how little time the boys spent on the trapeze, I have to admit that I was totally impressed.

Love and Light

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