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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Punta Cana - Day 4 and 5!

Day 4 was pretty uneventful. I spent the later part of the day on the beach in my usual spot and stayed until the sun was almost down. It was beautiful sitting on the beach at the edge of the water as the waves came to pay their respect just inches away from my feet. 

There are two distinct sounds of the ocean at sunset.  The first sound is the gentle sound of the waves lapping against the shore. 
The second is this low rumbling sound that threatens to escalate but never quite does. This was the sound of the large waves forming some 200-300 feet in on the ocean's surface. I sat with my eyes closed and listened to the two sounds and felt the cool breeze against my skin. 
 I walked back to the room around 6:30 pm, showered, had dinner with the boys and called it an early night.

Day 5 was another beautiful day. 

The boys were busy practicing for their shows that were going to be a part of. After dinner, Aly and I attended "The Ramp Show" which was presented by the Kid's Club and the Teen's Club. Zayn did a fantastic job dancing and singing with the other kids. Their performances were quite impressive considering that they had only been practicing for three days. Aly didn't participate in the show because he didn't want to attend the practice sessions. Instead, he spent most of his free time, learning how to swing from the trapeze, sailing and watching shows on Netflix when he couldn't do the other two.

Zayn on the top right with the other kids during the show.

The MC's of the night were the counselors, Hunter and Bilal, who ran the kid's club all week. These guys were super friendly and sweet. The premise of the show was that the tweens who called themselves "Young Money" would battle the teens who called themselves "Swag". What followed was a series of dance performances by various groups of teens and tweens. It's always entertaining and fun for parents to watch their kids perform.
Zayn is in the center of the picture with the white jeans on.

The Finale. Zayn is second to the right.

Their version of the Harlem Shake.

After Zayn's show ended, I walked over to the trapeze for Aly's trapeze show.  The show wasn't until 10:30 pm. I hung around there waiting and watching as the guests, including Aly, and the staff members, stretched and warmed up before the show. They were given tights and unitards to wear for the show. Aly had this silver/grey tights with these blue wave like patterns on it.

My confident Aly poses for me.
The team stretches out before the performance.

Aly is the second on the left.
The group stretches with Geneviev (she is the one in the red outfit on the left - 26 yr old, originally from Canada - she is such a sweetheart and an awesome person. )
Aly sits and watches the staff demonstrate a wicked trick! These guys are amazing!

I can't seem to upload the video so I took some pictures during the day practice. I'll post those in a separate post.

The group stands for their final bow.
The group gets together after the bow back in their corner to have a final bonding huddle.

Love and Light,

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