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Sunday, March 16, 2014

One weekend! Two weddings! Three hectic days of memories and strawberries! ;)

With Mahi!

Boys wanna hold her, feed her and kiss her every chance they get! 


At the pithi. Boys were fighting over who got to put their arm around which of my shoulders. 

At the reception!

In the plane on the way back to paradise. 

It was a rough ride back with severe turbulance that woke us up from our naps. It was scary as Zayn kept asking half jokingly, half serious, "Are we gonna die?" which made me quickly reflect on the last few days. I responded calmly with a "Ofcourse not!" but inside I kept saying the Nade Ali prayer under my breath. Finally things calmed down and we made it safe and sound to paradise aka Fort Lauderdale! 

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