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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Upholstering Our Headboard.

My brother and sister in law have this headboard that they bought almost 5 years ago. Its this beautiful contemporary piece with a dark wood frame and white leather. But the leather has been peeling off and making a big mess for over a year now. I was asked if I could upholster it given that the headboard itself is a very well made piece of furniture.

So Zee, my sister in law and I went to our local Hobby Lobby store, which happens to be my favorite these days. We picked out 3 yards of this beautiful dark chocolate colored faux leather fabric. We needed about 2.5 yards but we bought three to be able to comfortably work with it. The fabric was $25 per yard and the total before taxes would have been $75. But we had a coupon for 40% off and therefore, ended up paying about $45 with tax.

I picked up 3 yards of a thicker batting from Joanne's Fabric store. I didn't find the thickness I wanted at Hobby Lobby. And after using my 40% coupon at Joanne's, I paid about $15 only for the batting.

Additional supplies needed include:
- an electrical staple gun although just a good quality manual staple gun would do the job as well.
- a hot glue gun
- a basic desk stapler.

We were ready to get started.
A very important thing to know when doing a project this large in size (vs a simple chair for example) is that you'll need help. This is a two person job.
Fortunately, I had my eldest, Aly and my dear friend, Natasha help me.
We started by draping the batting over the headboard and pulling it snug at the ends and corners. We stapled it to the wood part of the headboard. But we still had the ends sticking out since we couldn't staple through the soft leather part of the headboard. So we used our glue gun to adhere the batting to the back of the headboard.

Next we draped the faux leather fabric over it and repeated the stapling making sure it was toward the back of the board which would not be visible from the front. We played around with the corners until we finally found a nice clean corner fold. Once again, we glued the back to the bed using the hot glue gun. Also, we used the basic desk stapler to hold the fabric in place before gluing it.

Once finished, we proudly invited the family to come check it out. I'm happy to say that it actually turned out pretty nice.
And cost under $60

And while they were cleaning up, putting the mattress back on and making the bed, we girls decided to take a few selfies.


 Here are the two cousins together.

Even dadima got a kiss from Mahi.

The cool thing about a project like this is that one can use any fabric to reflect their decorating style.

Please do share photos of any projects you are working on.

Love, Light and Blessings,

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