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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sanibel Island 2011!

So we started a family tradition last summer! My boys and I came to Sanibel Island for only 3 days last summer and we LOVED it!!! My boys take numerous trips during the year with their dad who is a pilot. They've literally travelled halfway around the world with European Disney cruises, Costa Rican beaches, Mexico getaways and ofcourse the annual ski trips! But it was our 3 day trip last summer with just the three of us that they cherished and looked forward to. This year we almost didn't make but we're finally here again. Sanibel Island is one of the top 10 beaches in the world. It's most famous for the limitless shells that grace the beaches here. Last year, we left here with 3 large buckets of em and I have them displayed in large, clear glass jars. I love them!!!! I love the act of picking up shells! It soothes my soul! The shells displayed around our home, bring me a lot of joy and happiness!
So of course, now that we're back here again, I made sure we packed a few of the plastic beach buckets to collect shells. But surprisingly I found myself NOT wanting to collect shells. I mean I started to pick em up and place them in the bucket, but I realized that I didn't want or need or desire anymore shells! I realized that I had plenty of them at home just like the ones I was seeing on the beach and I was just happy to be here to enjoy the abundance of the shells! So I took a deep breath and smiled and allowed myself to just be in the moment and enjoy the sun, the sand, the water,  the pretty birds, my boys and ofcourse, all the millions of shells gracing the gorgeous beaches here.

It was a GOOD feeling! I experienced abundance, contentment, joy, peace, gratitude, love and laughter!

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