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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lesson 2 - ENERGY!

We are all "energy". And the simple lesson I learned here is that we, each of us individually, are responsible for the "energy" we bring to a place or a person.

I can only speak for myself and therefore will share this in the "I" form.

- I am responsible for my words, my actions but most importantly, my thoughts!

- I have realized that I am powerful. How so? Well, I don't need to have an audience like Ms. Oprah to make a difference. I have an audience and that is my immediate circle of family and friends.

- I make a difference in the lives of my children and my parents and even my pets. The energy that I put out with my children influences who they become. Even the energy I approach my pets, influences their mood and personality. I am blessed to have the most amazing boys! They are literally night and day! Aly was born in June and Zayn was born in Dec. Aly is calm and relaxed and quite while Zayn is full of energy and LOVES to talk!  Aly looks like a "desi = brown from India /Pakistan" boy but does not touch desi food, while Zayn is my "gora=white" boy who cannot live without desi food. I enjoy them both for their uniqueness! They both have very different "energies" and my life is richer for it!

A few pictures of my babies.

So I deviated...:)

Let's remember to be mindful of the energy we bring to our loved ones and to all areas of our lives.

love and light,

From one sufi to another,


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