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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Countdown to 2014.

As many of you know, I have started on a new path over these past couple of months. Your encouragement, positive and constructive feedback is the fuel that keeps me going. Therefore, please keep it coming. Whether its a quick note on facebook or a text message, I would love to hear from you regarding my many pieces from ANITA LADHANI DESIGNS.

I am sooo humbled and grateful for being able to live a creative life. But I realize that I have been ignoring my blog and what better time to reconnect than in this holiday season!!!
So my goal is that every day for the next few weeks, I will send out a quick little note helping you pause, breathe and reconnect with yourself. It may be simple suggestions on how to simplify life and get things done while still enjoying this beautiful time with our family and friends or how to prepare ourselves for 2014!  

So here goes Day 1:

Everything is ENERGY!!! Many of us, including myself, have way too many things. We hold on to them for sentimental value or for practical reasons thinking we might need a book, or a pair of shoes we haven't worn in a while or old sunglasses or old telephone get the idea. 
So I invite you to consider unloading some of these things that are just taking up physical space and blocking energy flow in your life and living spaces.

Today's suggestion is to go ahead and take 10 - 15 minutes to clean out one shelf of your bookshelf or one drawer.  You might even take this time to discard or donate shoes or clothing you haven't worn in over a year. Don't hesitate! Just do it! Think about this...if you really needed this item, how easy would it be to replace it with another. For most things, the answer is yes. We can very easily access it or replace it. So be courageous and let it go!!!! I know I am.

Love and Light,
From Your Humble Servant,

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