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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annie and Jackie - BFF for Life...

So Jackie, our baby cat is a little over 2 years old. Annie is a little over a year and Chloe (not in these pictures) is the senior member in our family of animals. Chloe is our 15 year old cat. 

Nobody messes with Chloe. She is just one tough and mean cat. She demands respect any way she can. She used to be a strong little cat but age has taken a toll on her body and although she looks fluffy, she is just skin and bones. 

But the younger two, Annie and Jackie are the best of friends. Now normally, cats and dogs don't get along. But these two absolutely love and adore each other. They play together, eat together out of the same bowl, at the same time. And they even nap together on the same bed. The following are pictures of Annie in the cat condo. She jumps up in the little house area and sits with Jackie. On this day, she decided to go take a nap in there while Jackie was out getting a snack. Check out the pictures.

These two give me hope...if these two can get along, then none of us have an excuse not to! :)

Also, I'd love to hear from you...please do share your thoughts.

Check out that gorgeous face!!! 

I love her ears aka her pony tails...She has the most beautiful, natural waves. And her brown spots are placed perfectly on her eyebrows :)

She actually looks a little mean....she is sooo funny!

Love and Light,

From one sufi to another,


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