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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Dance Of The Birds!

Last weekend it was raining cats and dogs and reluctantly, I had left home to drop Aly off at the community gym. On my way back home driving in our community's subdivision, I noticed a pair of birds laying on their backs in a neighbor's driveway. My first thought was that the birds were injured and I should help. But as I stopped for a few seconds to look at them, I realized that they were just fine. So naturally, because I have my camera in my handbag at almost all times, I took it out and started snapping. Below are a series of photographs taken in less than 3 minutes. Although it looks like the birds are injured or fighting, you'll see how the birds are in fact, dancing with each other. I don't know enough about birds but I just felt soooo blessed to have witnessed it. And thanks to the amazing 36x optical zoom on my new Nikon camera, the birds didn't even know I was a witness to their dance.
Hope you enjoy the pictures....

This is how I saw them as I was driving by.

A close up shot of them but I was still not sure what I was seeing.

They just laid there on their backs with their feet clutching on to each other.

So one got up and I thought, "Oh no, this bird is going to attack the other one."
 But it was almost like the bird on the left was helping the bird on the right get up on it's feet and dance for a few seconds.

The dance continues...

And almost as quickly as it started, the dance was over and the birds walked away in different directions  almost pretending to not recognize each other.

The one on the left headed for the grass while the other headed for the mulch.

Isn't that amazing!!!! Shukran Lillah Wal Hamdullilah!
Thank you God for allowing me to slow down enough to be a "witness" to YOUR beauty!

Love and Light
From one sufi to another


  1. WOW!!! That is the first time I've seen black birds dancing. Thanks for sharing Anita:)

  2. amazing!!!! GOD is everywhere doing the cosmic dance!

  3. Beautiful thought by a beautiful person! Love it Zeshan!