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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lesson 3 - Knowledge of self is power

It is the everyday moments that make life worth living. At the risk of sounding cliche, I'll say, that we tend to rush through life, all trying to get to some unknown destination, trying to achieve a list of goals be it another degree which we hope will lead to a better career and more money, a bigger house, flashier cars, fancier vacations and the latest fashions. But I ask myself this often and now I'm asking you to consider the following questions:
- What makes me happy?

- What brings me joy?

- What do I need to feel successful? What is my definition of success?

- Does my house define me? Does my wardrobe or my jewelry define my worth? 

- Who are my friends? Who are the people that love me and care about me? Do they judge me because of what I own or what I wear? 

- Do I judge others based on how they dress, where they live and what they drive?

Just a few questions to get us started....Hazrat Ali said, "He who knows himself, knows God."
So let's take a few steps to go within to discover what we are really made of?

I humbly request that you please take a few mins to post a comment or your thoughts. Would love to hear what you're thinking about.

Love and Light,

From one Sufi to another...

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