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Friday, October 28, 2011


As promised, here are a few more pictures of my two babies who happen to be bffs playing in the backyard.

Annie, our King Charles Cavalier has our Jackie, the cat, cornered.

Isn't she beautiful?
It was love at first sight with Jackie at the shelter. I just fell in love with her sweet face and her gorgeous markings. 
So whAnnie gets too annoying, Jackie simply finds a higher ground. In this case, the fence, while Annie looks up helplessly knowing her limitations. 
"Let's hop this fence!
And she's a free agent.  We've accepted the fact that although she was pampered and sheltered as a kitten, she is now a free soul who literally comes and goes at her heart's desires.
She could just as easily be a tiger prowling on the African plains.
"Just being cautious!"
Our babies always provide us with unconditional love, constant companionship and entertainment! They are indeed a blessing. I say a prayer of thanks for these gorgeous creatures who bless us with their presence and being! I have to admit, I am suspicious of anyone who does not like animals! :)

From one Sufi to another,
Love and Light,

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