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Friday, October 7, 2011

Charity begins at home!

"Charity begins at home" is something my mom has always reminded us. We as a family and as a community believe that is is our responsibility to give back to others and thus, we all volunteer in different capacities. But "charity begins at home" and being that I am a single mother of two beautiful boys, I have to balance my time and energies to ensure that my boys are getting the best of me. And that means having to say no to outside commitments. Saying no almost always entails feeling guilty for saying no. That's how we women tend to be. But I know that I have to practice what I preach and if I want my boys to put their families first, then I must lead them by example. 
Just sharing my thoughts ....
Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend! Be safe, rest, relax and enjoy! Life is precious and we are blessed to have our health!

love and light to you all..
From one sufi to another...
Here are a few more pictures...

A picture of my boys with a few friends when they were just babies...


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