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Thursday, November 3, 2011

From our biggest failures, come our biggest blessings!

We've all experienced failure and loss. That is part of life.  There are as many different ways that one can fail as there are people. Failing a class or failing at a marriage which ends in divorce are both painful experiences for the person experiencing the failure. Getting fired, getting laid off, or losing your business and God forbid, your family home are also examples of loss that many of us have experienced in these tough economic times.

Yet I keep hearing this one idea repeatedly and although it's such a simple and obvious idea, I wonder why I seem to forget it so easily.
The idea is that, "From our biggest failures, come our biggest blessings."

When a marriage or a relationship fails, it affects not only the married couple and their children (if they have any), but it also affects their extended family and the community at large. Divorce is the death of a marriage and thus it is normal for the parties involved to mourn the loss of the relationship and the dreams, hopes and the life that once was. It is normal to go through the different stages of grief which are denial, anger, depression, plea bargaining and acceptance, not necessarily in that order.

But after that process is done, the individuals involved are free to move on with their lives. They are free to truly live and be happy. Life is tough for a while, but eventually the fog lifts and life is good again. Human beings are like uncut diamonds which shine the brightest when chipped. The more chips on the diamond, the brighter the shine, the higher the value. Thus our darkest hours serve as the best environment for our souls to grow and shine. But the key is to get through the different stages of grief and to not allow ourselves to get "stuck" in any one place. WE MUST KEEP GOING!!!!

Getting fired or losing your business feels humiliating no matter what the circumstances. But getting fired or losing your business could be the blessing in disguise which might open up the exact avenues for you to be successful in life. Maybe now you can go back to school and finish that degree you weren't able to before or switch careers altogether.

Loss, grief, pain, hurt, sadness are all feelings we've had to experience in life by default of being alive. But so are JOY, LOVE, LAUGHTER, PEACE and CONTENTMENT! Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah has said in his Farmans and I paraphrase, "If 1/20 of your dreams are realized, then you truly are a lucky individual."
I believe that you reading this is proof that you have access to technology and live in a society where freedom of speech is a given and you have choices. One of the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) pre-suppositions is that, "Choice is better than no choice!" We are blessed that we have choices to make. It might not be the ones we wish we had, but at least we have a choice.  Unfortunately, 90% of the world living in ultra-poverty don't have that option. So let's keep an open and grateful heart.

May you find peace, love, happiness, joy and contentment in your lives.
May you surrender to the experiences and allow yourselves to learn, grow and shine from your darkest hours.
May you always know, believe and feel that HE has you in the palm of his hands. You are sooooo loved!!!!

Love and Light,
From one sufi to another,
These gorgeous birds are in our backyard every morning. I've always said that we live in paradise aka Florida! Shukranlillah Walhamdullilah!

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