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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pretty Duck!

This duck is one of many in our neighborhood. 
Ducks are usually a nuisance as they decide to cross the road in the middle of traffic or better yet, when they decide to simply stop in the middle of the road bringing traffic to a halt.
They are not the cleanest bird. They poop all over the driveways and back yard porches and even get into the trash on trash pick up day. 
But they are entertaining as they wobble when walking on land.
Ducks are also great moms! 
They are disciplined as they sit on their eggs until they hatch, taking minimal breaks to get water and food. 
There is nothing cuter than a new batch of ducklings following their mother duck everywhere she goes.
They teach their young ducklings to swim and find worms to eat.
Sadly, they also lose most of their baby ducklings to vultures, snakes and other predators,

They usually hang out in pairs or small groups but this lonely duck was in the lake at the back of our home.
She, I'm assuming it's a girl, was curious to see me standing on the bank of the lake with my camera. 
She came close, almost as if to say hello. 
Just look at her beautiful eyes, her webbed, yellow feet, the red on her face and beak, and her gorgeous black and white feathers.

 Check out the black smudge on the tip of her beak.
Her white breast and head looks as if God just painted on a few strokes of black.  
She just kept swimming around in front of me and staring at me. 
I know ducks don't smile but I think this one was!

Check out her reflection in the water!

Thank You God for these beautiful animals all around us.
Love and Light,
From one sufi to another,

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