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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Piles of Dirty Laundry & Sink Full of Dirty Dishes!

Being a mom of two, growing boys, brings with it countless responsibilities.  
My day starts with making breakfast, preparing lunches, carpooling, laundry, dishes, figuring out dinner, homework, and bedtime. 
Sprinkle in the occasional parent-teacher conferences, football games, band recitals, birthday parties and Bar Mitzvaz. 
Top it with regularly, taking them to Jamatkhana (house of worship) and making sure they attend weekly, REC (Religious Education Center) classes along with baking cakes and cookies for them, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a full-time job.

But of all the responsibilities, the chores I abhorred were the piles of soiled laundry and the sinks full of dirty dishes.
 It used to be that I would frown and complain (quietly, to myself, ofcourse) about all the work I have to do as a mother; the never-ending loads of laundry (washing, folding, ironing) and countless loads of dishes.

But last week as I was recovering from the flu, (which by the way, is no excuse for a break for a mom), the breakfast still needed to be made, the carpool still had to be driven, and the dirty laundry and dishes still had to be done and then it suddenly hit me!

Maya, Sophie and Aileen at Aileen's Birthday Party last week.

I realized that having the piles of dirty laundry and dirty dishes are actually huge blessings! 
Let me explain...the piles of dirty laundry means I have a family of loved ones that I am blessed to be around. 
The piles of laundry mean we are blessed to be able to afford the piles of clothes in our closet, unlike those around the world who literally have 2-3 outfits on their side of the shelf, in the family cupboard.
Dirty laundry means that I am blessed to be able to raise my boys and witness them grow into young men. 
Having dirty laundry means we are living a full and active life which enables the accumulating of dirty laundry.

Jake, not sure who, Sophie, another friend in the back and my Aly.

Having dirty dishes means we are blessed to have a roof over our heads and a kitchen sink. 
Dirty dishes mean we are able to afford meals at home.
It also means we are blessed to live with family!
So no more complaining when I am greeted with the never-ending loads of dirty laundry and sinks full of dirty dishes. 

Kids being silly!

I realize, that in just a few years, the boys will be attending university and our home will be empty.
There will be no more making daily breakfast, carpooling, preparing lunches, parent-teacher conferences, football games, band recitals, REC classes and no more piles of dirty laundry and sinks full of dirty dishes.
So instead of complaining, I am working on enjoying these moments and staying in a place of gratitude as I say a genuine and heartfelt, "THANK YOU" to HIM for blessing me with piles of dirty laundry and sinks full of dirty dishes.

I pray that you are blessed with piles of dirty laundry and sinks full of dirty dishes

Sending you love and light,
From one sufi to another,


  1. Amen to that!!!
    Love it!!!

  2. Dirty dishes prove I feed my family, full trash cans prove I clean up after their mess, messy floors prove that I let my child have fun, piles of laundry prove I keep my family in clean clothes, a wet bathroom proves that I bathe my child!

  3. So true!!! Beautifully said! Thanks so much for taking time to share!