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Friday, November 11, 2011

Gorgeous Morning!

As Aly and I rushed out of our garage to sit in the car, I felt the cool breeze hit me. I shot a quick look up at the sky and was just amazed at how gorgeous the sky looked. There was a lower layer of clouds moving rather quickly because of the breeze. There was another layer of clouds further up that seem to cause striations in the sky. Even though we were barely on time, I couldn't resist grabbing my camera from my purse and snapping a few quick pics while all the time saying "Wow! Thank you God!" 
About 10 minutes later, after dropping Aly off at the carpool spot, I got back on the highway to come back home and once again, the sun was playing peek a boo from behind the clouds. 

After exiting, I pulled into the gas station and parked where I had a clear view of the majestic sky!
 What an incredible close-up! It reminded me of morning dew/fog up on the mountains but of course it's sea level in Florida and not a mountain nearby!

Wishing you an amazing 11/11/11!
Love and Light,
From one sufi to another

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